MIT 522 – “Integrating Technology for School Improvement and 21st Century Students"

Gregory School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

“Technology Integration Plan for Gregory School of Science, Mathematics and Technology” was generated within the context of MIT 522:  Organization and Management of Instructional Technology.  The project was to design and develop a technology implementation plan for Gregory Elementary.  The project was supervised by Dr. Monica DeTure as a partial requirement of the course.

This project was an extension of discussions and collaborative work completed in both the online course and a wiki that was developed for the MIT 522 online course.   This project gave me a great opportunity to talk to a client about planning a technology change at Gregory Elementary.  The project began with a look at the history, budget, and rationale for a technology change at Gregory Elementary. 

This project began at the request of the school administrators. Teachers from the school worked with our group so that they could be involved with the process. As of right now, the school still has not implemented the changes proposed.

Other than exchanging ideas and getting feedback from my MIT 512 colleagues, I acted as one of the six instructional designers and developers for this technology plan.  I worked on the following areas of this technology plan:

The Gregory Technology plan was my first experience designing and developing a technology implementation plan. I had a hard time with this project because I did not have a teacher that was actively engaged in the class. I think that acquiring the knowledge in a learning by doing environment proved to be beneficial for me. I am sure that the information I learned from this class will prove useful in my future in the MIT field.