This portfolio is the final product of my capstone project for the Master of Science in Instructional Technology program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Within this portfolio I have included general information about myself, synthesized knowledge about the Instructional Technology field, and provided personal artifacts that demonstrate my abilities as an instructional technologist.

The "Introduction" section of my portfolio provides information about my life, my present philosophy, and my future goals. The pages in the "Field of IT" section discuss the history of the field and explain the evolution of the instructional technology field. The pages also elaborate on the connection between instructional technology research and the knowledge I have acquired within the Master of Instructional Technology program (MIT). The "Competencies" pages refer to the different skills and knowledge utilized within the different domains of instructional technology. The "Artifacts" section lists different courses I have taken while attending UNCW. Each artifact page exhibits the different types of projects I have completed. Lastly, by exploring the "Professional" section you can access my resume and professional references.

To view some of the files that are uploaded to my portfolio you need to have Adobe Reader. Also some of my artifacts use Microsoft Project and Milkshape 3D. If you do not have these programs, I am attaching a link to each of the software websites where you can download a trial version.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio!