MIT Comptencies - Domain of Evaluation

MIT Competencies

Job Qualifications



Plan and conduct needs assessment.

Conduct needs assessment and analyses as required

MIT 500 – ROC’D: Rapid Online Course Development - Report I – Needs Analysis

MIT 502 – Kitty Hawk Kayaks – Report I - Gap Analysis

MIT 510 – Elijah’s – Front-End Analysis

MIT 520 – PICNICS – Project Management Plan

MIT 530 – AECT New Definition Problem – Needs Assessment Report

All five of these projects demonstrate my ability to plan and conduct a needs assessment. Each of these projects required me to do one or more of the following: meet with stakeholders, analyze extant data, determine the needs of an organization, determine the gap between actual performance/knowledge and optimal performance/knowledge, and determine possible causes and solutions to the problem.

Plan and conduct evaluation of instruction/training.

Evaluate training to determine if the clients needs and requirements have been met

Able to review, revise, and edit instructional materials

Plan and direct formative evaluations

MIT 500 – ROC’D: Rapid Online Course Development - Report III

This formative evaluation report illustrates the process of planning and conducting an evaluation of the instruction/training. This report has two sections that reveal the results of both one on one evaluation of the self-instructional module and a small group evaluation of the self-instructional module. The small group evaluation occurred after revisions had been made to the training due to the comments from the one on one evaluations of the training.

Plan and conduct summative evaluation of instruction/training.

Plan and direct summative evaluations

MIT 530 - Summative Evaluation Plan: Rapid Online Course Development

This summative evaluation plan illustrates the process of planning and conducting a summative evaluation using Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Summative Model. Using this model, demonstrates the process of: analyzing the learners’ attitudes, feelings and reactions about the instructional module; determining whether or not learning has occurred; determining whether or not the learner can transfer the skills and knowledge from the self-instructional module to their own online courses; and determining how the instructional module has impacted the organization.

Plan and conduct product evaluation.

Evaluate training methodologies, including technology and disseminate information as appropriate

Provide quality assurance testing


MIT 500 – ROC’D: Rapid Online Course Development – Report III

MIT 512 – Computer Applications at Pine Valley - Web Evaluation Tool for Teachers and Web Evaluation Tool for Students

MIT 595 - Lego NC History: An Educational Game - Educational Game Evaluation Rubric

For the MIT 500 artifact, a product evaluation was completed to ensure that the product would be ready for implementation. The product was evaluated and then revised in order to make sure that the product was meeting the needs of the learners.

For the MIT 512 and MIT 595 artifacts, an evaluation tool was made to evaluate the different websites and educational games that are available for use in classrooms. These evaluation tools demonstrate my ability to determine qualities that make a website or educational game suitable for classroom use.


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